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The Energy Protection Aura Mist Bundle

The Energy Protection Aura Mist Bundle


Are you ready to release what no longer serves you including negative thoughts, emotions, patterns and toxic people and situations?  It’s only by releasing and letting go of what doesn’t serve our highest good that we are free to experience love, joy, creativity, inspiration and a magical life. We are constantly bombarded by toxic and unwanted thoughts, emotions, energies including environmental stressors like EMFs and other geopathic stress. 

It’s important to cleanse and protect your body and space to ensure your energy centers are balanced, flowing and healthy. Empaths, healers and highly sensitive souls are more susceptible to stuck and leaky energy and should work on maintaining energetic boundaries.

This is also an excellent mist bundle for anyone who does healing work and sees clients or groups of people in person or online. As well as for those that live and work in densely populated areas, commute to work with public transportation, work in toxic environments, travel often or around lots of other people and spaces.

Protection mist is a high vibrational body and room mist that promotes emotional well-being. Use as a daily self-care ritual in your home or office, on your pillow, in your car, or directly on you to feel energetically protected, experience deeper meditative states, tap into your inner wisdom and access higher states of consciousness.

Use this mist as a self-care ritual alone or with in combination with any healing and mind-body practice like yoga, meditation, breathwork, sound healing, and reiki to take your well-being and vibration to the next level.

Our protection mist is a proprietary blend of pure therapeutic essential oils of wild-crafted sandalwood, wild-crafted frankincense, and organic lavender, yarrow flower essence, crystal essences of citrine, amethyst and kunzite. Reiki charged. To learn more about these ingredients read here.

Benefits of protection mist:

  • Cleanses and protects aura
  • Supports your meditation and mindfulness practice
  • Helps you access your intuition and higher states of consciousness

AROMA | scent is woody and earthy with hints of floral

Space clearing is a high vibrational room mist that also promotes emotional well-being. Use this mist as a daily self-care ritual in your home or office, in your car, hotel room, airplane, and any space to purify, cleanse and protect the space and your energy field from toxic energies including the stressors of modern technology.

Our space clearing mist is a proprietary blend of pure therapeutic essential oils of organic sage, organic orange, organic peppermint, yarrow environmental solution flower essence blend, crystal essences of amethyst, smoky quartz and black tourmaline. Reiki charged. To learn more about the ingredients read here.

Benefits of space clearing mist:

  • Protects and strengthens aura
  • Cleanses and purifies the space
  • A smokeless alternative to smudging 

AROMA | scent is a combination of bright citrus and mint