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focus mist

focus mist


 Benefits of focus mist:

  • Promotes focus and concentration
  • Boosts mental clarity and memory
  • Helps you re-energize and feel awake naturally

Are you having issues with focus and concentration?  Are you looking to enhance mental clarity and memory? Do you want to feel naturally energized and awake?

Focus mist is a high vibrational body and room mist that promotes emotional well-being so you can feel focused, mentally clear and energized. 

Focus mist can be used as a daily self-care ritual in your home or office, in your car, or directly on you for focus, concentration, mental clarity, enhance memory, energy and mood boost.

You can use as a daily self-care ritual to increase clarity around work and life goals, boosts productivity around work and creative projects, and increase focused intention around visualizing and manifesting dreams and desires.

AROMA | scent is a blend of minty with a hint of citrus and woodsy flavor

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