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Moodbeam mists promote emotional well-being and smell amazing.

Don’t just take it from us, hear what our fans have to say…

This whole collection is such a great contribution to the world; it was hard to select just one spray to try first. I chose the protection one because it’s fundamental to sensitive people, and I wanted a mist for the whole family. The mist was fragranced perfectly and the effect was noticeable. We are looking forward to trying more mists from Moodbeam.

Pamela H. Lialias

Founder of and,TX
Jen Madrid
Founder of, NYC
Jen Madrid
Founder of, NYC
Olya Rostov
Founder of, @olyarostov, LA
Dulma Altan
Founder of, @dulmaaltan, LA
Mars Williams
Actress, NYC

Working all hours rehearsing and performing, I’m in a constant need of stimulation to stay awake while at the same time maintaining a relaxed and calm state of mind for performing. My Moodbeam mists are the perfect remedy. My absolute favorite is the grounding spray and will 1000 percent be purchasing on a regular basis. The focus spray helps me stay energized, awake and focused for my studies and performances. No more relying on coffee, food and breaks.

Miriam Brown

Musician and Student, NYC

Moodbeam mists are a daily self-care essential. They not only smell amazing but are also high vibe and strong in intention. I think the scents are creatively blended, potent yet clean and very fresh. My favorite is grounding – a true forest scent that is so important to me when I’m feeling overwhelmed from the NYC grind!

Melanie Ramirez Garcia

Photographer, NYC

I love this stuff! I carry it with me everywhere. Eva is an angel and using this product makes me feel protected by angels (reminds my ego to take a break and my higher self to shine). It’s subtle, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. Subtle is good.

Nilla Watkins

Actress,, LA

This is my favorite, most valuable mist! I use it often to take a moment to recenter and look within. I’ve got 2 young girls who both like lots of attention. Slipping away with this mist is what has helped me to get a quick and easy recharge! Love love love having this and using it daily!

Abby Olech

Yogi and Mom, @abbish2, Chicago

The first thing I noticed about the smell of this product was I felt like being taken care of. Something about the smell and probably energetic of the product bring me a sense of protection and support. I use the love mist every night before I go to bed and it really brings a sense of peace, protection and relaxation. It is also very gentle on my skin and considering I have a sensitive skin this was a mega+.

Elisabeth Corominas

Founder of, @elicorominas, LA

I’m constantly on the go or traveling domestically and internationally, so I instantly gravitated towards space clearing. I brought it with me while I was away in Asia for 2 months to live, work, and travel. Aside from using it to reset my personal space on the airplane, Airbnb, or hotel room, I noticed that it was an instant mood booster overall! Spraying these natural and fresh scents instantly reset and refreshed my mood, vibe, and overall state of mind.

Liza Perez

Co-founder of, @heceliza, LA

I’m loving the mists! Grounding is my favorite one. I use it often when I’m stressed or anxious.

Janelle Reyes

Co-founder of, @itsjanellereyes, LA

I have the love and protection sprays displayed on my meditation altar. I usually will do a spray prior to a meditation, or sometimes before work or bed. They smell amazing and help me set my intentions.

Nikki Rawnsley

@nikkirla, LA

Living in New York City and working two jobs I’m always trying to find new ways to help myself unwind and take a step back from all of the chaos. Moodbeam has given me just that. This essential oil based product is unlike any of the other ones on the market today. And I know because I tried many! The blends are all very unique and have amazing scents. Whether you need to focus, calm down or just ground yourself there is something for EVERYONE. I couldn’t be more excited for this product! I absolutely love using my focus mist daily.

Taylor Deal

Photographer & Videographer,, @taydeal_, NYC

The love mist is part of my daily ritual. I spray it over my face with the intention to give and receive love from all I meet. Since I started using it my relationships at work have grown tremendously. I feel loved and accepted. Powerful tip for you, use extra sprays before you go out on a date, it will bring magic. I love it, I love it, I love it. It is my favorite aromatherapy.

Ekram Ibrahim

Senior Producer at Audible, @ekramibrahim, NYC