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Join our Affiliate Program

Welcome to Moodbeam's Affiliate Program! 

We're always looking for like-minded people who believe in our mission of promoting emotional well-being and raising the vibration of individuals and the planet.
You’re the perfect affiliate partner for our program if:
  1. You love and use the sprays yourself. We want to partner with people who love the products, and the mission, and want to share it with others who can benefit from them. And you're the type of person who is excited to share amazing high quality products you love and use with your community so why shouldn’t you be financially rewarded for doing so?:)
  1. You have an engaged audience whether it’s on social media, email,  blog, or all of these platforms, that is conscious and cares about their own well-being and the well being of the planet. They're into holistic wellness, non-toxic living, raising vibration or all of it :)
  1. You want to join the movement to spread the mission of raising the vibration of individuals and the planet.
Sounds great, right? You just have a few questions...
       Q. How do I join the movement?
       A. Just complete the registration fields below and your application will be reviewed in 1-3 days.
       Q. How do I get paid?
       A. Commissions are paid out seamlessly via PayPal.
        Q. When do I get paid?
        A. Payments are paid out Net 30 (as in every 30 days)
        Q. What is the commission % structure?
        A. We offer a generous commission structure starting at 20%.


       Q. Do you provide discounts/coupons I can offer my community?
       A. Yes we do.


If you have additional program questions please contact and we’ll get back to you asap:)