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About Us

Moodbeam is a self-care lifestyle brand that produces aromatherapy and aura mists made with organic essential oils, crystal essences, flower essences and reiki-charged to promote emotional well-being and raise your vibration. 

We're 100% toxic-free, cruelty free, sustainable, hand-crafted in small batches in Colorado and support women-owned small businesses.

Our Philosophy

We now live in a largely toxic world that is not optimized for the health and wellbeing of the human body. These days it feels like we’re bombarded with environmental toxins (pesticides, heavy metals, EMFs, etc.), hormone disruptors (synthetic fragrances, sulfates, parabens, formaldehydes, phthalates etc), emotional toxins like past traumas and mental toxins including fear-based thoughts and limiting beliefs. Not to mention living out of spiritual alignment with who we truly are mostly as a result of these low vibe toxins weighing us down. 

It’s not enough to just buy and use products that claim they are  “clean,” “natural”, “toxic-free” or “organic” anymore - although that is very important. This should be the absolute minimum standard we require for ingredients we put in and around our body. It’s about time we also seriously take into consideration the energetics of products we consume and how they are impacting our overall well-being. Are they cleansing, protecting, strengthening or elevating our mind, body and spirit?

When we prioritize our self-care and overall well-being, and are conscious of the vibration of what we put on and in our bodies, we can live our best life and make a bigger impact in the world.

Welcome to the next generation of products that go beyond clean living to high vibe living.

Our Founder’s Story

Hi, my name is Eva and I’m the founder of Moodbeam.

It all started two years ago. I was running marketing for a tech startup in NYC when I experienced severe burn out, chronic stress and anxiety, adrenal fatigue and constantly getting sick. I knew things were bad when I took a holiday vacation and couldn’t physically speak or shut my mind off from my endless to-do list. (And yes, I already had a regular yoga, meditation and other healing and spiritual practices in place).

I had been on a spiritual and personal growth journey for years, so I was conscious that I was deeply out of alignment and not living my best life or my full potential. I realized it was about time I let go of everything that no longer served my highest good and come back into soul alignment. Fast forward, that intention led me to six months later quit my high paying tech job, let go of my apartment, and buy a one way ticket to experience epic adventure around the world. While my initial intention was to find the inner peace, purpose and well-being I desired without all of the noise and distraction of an intense job and city life, what I received on the other side of that decision was beyond anything I could have imagined.

That leap of faith eventually brought me to Southeast Asia where I detoxed mind, body and spirit. I did powerful cleanses with naturopaths and nutrition experts to address my physical and emotional well-being. And I worked with spiritual healers to heal past trauma and reprogram subconscious beliefs to shed layers of fears, doubt and unresolved emotions and finally feel a sense of calm and peace in my everyday life. I fully committed to living my best life, and creating optimal well-being, as I released more and more physical, emotional and mental toxins, and added high vibrational products like aromatherapy, flower essences, herbs and crystals to my daily self-care ritual.

As I stepped more into true soul alignment, it became clear that my mission and purpose is to heal and inspire others and raise the vibration of individuals and the planet. I learned that when you focus on healing yourself, and vibe higher, you have more energy and desire to give to others around you and make a greater impact in the world.  

Welcome to the high vibe life!

With cosmic love,

Welcome to the high vibe life!

With cosmic love,