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Your daily self-care
ritual in a bottle.


Self-care ritual for emotional
well-being and raising vibration.

Made with organic
essential oils and
crystal infused.

What Our Customers Have to Say

“This scent is amazing! Used for every kind of activity and mindset. The grounding name says it all, keeps me grounded.”

“I use the calm spray each time before a client comes in. I do facials and eyelash extensions and this is perfect to spray before the service. This puts them right to sleep. I can’t see myself without one.”

“As an everyday yogi, I use this amazing grounding mist before every class, everyday. My biggest challenge in yoga is calming my mind and letting go of all my tasks. The grounding mist helps me quickly get centered and calm my mind.”

“Something about the smell and probably energetics of the product brings me a sense of protection and support. I use the love mist every night before I go to bed and it really brings a sense of peace, protection and relaxation.”

“I love all of these - cause yes I do have them all! But calm has been my go to right before sleep and when I am starting my meditation. I go from smudging to spritzing my aura with calm.”

“I purchased the Moodbeam focus spray and it’s been a real game changer! It smells amazing and really keeps me energized and focused throughout the day.”

“I have one space clearing at my desk to spray when I need to refresh my energy during the day. I also leave one in the office restroom as a bathroom spray. Love the smell and the freshness it leaves in the room, especially with the peppermint.”

“The moment I sprayed the protection mist I fell in love with it, it smells so good. Every time I spray it I feel like I’m surrounded by angels and calmness takes over. This is works wonders if you spray it before meditating…I’m already on the second bottle.”

“The love mist is part of my daily ritual. I spray it over my face with the intention to give and receive love from all I meet. Since I started using it my relationships at work have grown tremendously. I feel loved and accepted.”

“Love the hint of lavender. I spray the calm mist around me before sitting to read a book, do yoga, and wind down for bed. It’s not an over powering scent and opens you up to take deeper breaths.”